Brian Willoughby has worked as a newspaper journalist and as managing editor at Teaching Tolerance. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Articles by Brian

Hit the Road

Whether close to home or far away, hands-on experience brings history to life.

Is My School Racist?

Institutional racism can be hard to spot. Try our strategies for sniffing it out.

Set in Stone

How do monuments that venerate individuals who promoted hate and bigotry affect our efforts to create a more tolerant society?

Suspending Hope

Schools in Maryland and Connecticut are rethinking suspension policies and practices.

How to Seat Students

There are so many ways to mix up student seating at lunch that it can be paralyzing to consider them all. Don’t let this be a stumbling block. The outcome is the same, no matter the path that gets you there: You want to get students to sit with different people at lunch, and you want them to have a conversation so they get to know each other a bit.