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Planning for Equity

Practical resources to help you teach tolerance all year long.
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Teaching Tolerance illustration of Fall motifs

Start the Year Off Right

Refresh Your Anti-bullying Efforts

We have answers to your tough bullying questions and free resources—including a school climate survey and anti-bullying contract—to help you prevent bullying behavior in your school.

Change the Wallpaper

What do your walls say? Inclusive posters let students know right away your classroom is a welcoming space. Our One World posters are available online to download and print. And don’t forget to hang the poster included in this issue!

Empower Your Students

Democratic classrooms put responsibility for good behavior in the hands of students; experts say this approach is more effective for both learning and classroom management. Our professional development module will get you started.

Teaching Tolerance illustration with Winter motifs

Before the Break …

Mix It Up at Lunch

Cliques form quickly—especially in the cafeteria. Start breaking down these social barriers with Mix It Up at Lunch Day. This national program invites students to sit with someone new at lunch—a simple idea with profound results. Registration and materials are free.

Three Cheers for Equity

Athletic events can be opportunities for school community building—but only if they’re handled equitably. Help your school get it right.

Dodge the Holiday Balance Traps

Winter is fraught with holiday assumptions that can exclude some students. Try these tips for making sure all students’ traditions are equally valued.

Teaching Tolerance illustration with Spring motifs

… and After

Reengage Students

Just because you’re halfway through the year doesn’t mean it’s too late to make improvements.

Plan a Food Justice Garden

As spring unfolds, focus on food justice. Not enough time or resources for a garden? Teaching and learning about food justice can happen in or out of the classroom.

Balance Testing and Social Emotional Learning

Spring testing is time consuming, but there’s still room for social emotional learning. Our classroom resources are flexible enough to fit into any curriculum.

Teaching Tolerance illustration with Summer motifs

Wrap It Up

Prom Planning

Talk to your school’s prom committee to ensure LGBT students and students who do not conform to gender norms are included. While you’re at it, assess the rest of your school to make sure all students feel safe and welcome. Our Guide to Creating an LGBT-inclusive School Climate can get you started.

Stop the Summer Slump

For some students, summer doesn’t mean vacation and summer camps. Students living in poverty are disproportionately affected by the summer learning gap—but there are ways to lessen the disparity.

Prepare for the Coming Year

You’ve taken a breather, and now you’re ready to ramp up for the coming fall. A great way to start is by using our professional development resources to improve your cultural competency.