Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Issue 58, Spring 2018


Teaching Hard History

Slavery played a central role in the development of the United States, but the way we teach it doesn't reflect that fact. Our cover story for the Spring 2018 issue gives you a sneak preview of Teaching Hard History: American Slavery—our new initiative to help educators better teach about our painful past and about how it affects our present.

This issue also highlights the results of a national survey on teacher bullying of students, how school gardens can become emancipatory spaces, life in Charlottesville after "Unite the Right" and much more.

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Liberated Roots

School and community gardens can be emancipatory spaces—if they’re built around culturally responsive practices. Get to know three gardening activists who have learned to ask the right questions—and listen to the answers.

Statistically Speaking

Teacher bullying is a real phenomenon, but it’s always been hard to quantify—until now.

A Remote Control for Learning

Artist, author and educator Gene Luen Yang speaks with LFJ (formerly Teaching Tolerance) about teaching, comics and the importance of diverse characters.

We Were Ready

Years of equity work sheltered Charlottesville's students when hate came to their town.

Teaching Hard History

Four innovative educators discuss how they teach about our country's painful past. Plus, get a sneak preview of our new resources for teaching about American slavery.



A Message From Our Director

Teaching Tolerance director Maureen Costello encourages educators to confront the difficult truths of American history.
Letters to the Editor

You Spoke, We Listened

Our latest magazine issue, new website launch and social media news stories inspired a lot of dialogue with our community. Keep the feedback coming!
Why I Teach


Fear is a reality for Anne Garcia's students, but she's not going to let it dampen her commitment to RESIST on their behalf.
Down the Hall

Every Student. Every Day.

Ron Stahley looks back on a career that took him—and his district—where the students needed to go.
PD Café

How to Be an Ally

Any educator can become an ally, but the journey might look different depending on one’s identity, experience and familiarity with issues of power and privilege.
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Our book reviews can help you keep your practice fresh and informed.
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Story Corner

Yaki’s Mural

Yaki struggles to feel at home in her new country and her new school, but her creativity and Mayan culture help to ease the transition.