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Aimee Young

Aimee Young teaches in rural Ohio. She has studied in Poland and Israel, was awarded a teaching fellowship through the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and earned the prestigious DisneyHAND American Teacher Award, given to just 38 teachers in the nation in 2004.

Angela Hartman

Angela is the librarian for the secondary campuses of Hutto Independent School District. She has been a librarian for 24 years at the elementary, middle school and high school levels. Hartman is a member of the Holocaust Education Network of the Olga Lengyel Institute and has extensive training in Holocaust education. She plans and coordinates campus, district and community-wide programs that focus on civil rights, social justice and Holocaust education. Hartman is also a member of the Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board.


Antisemitism was involved in 11 percent of the incidents reported by educators and 18 percent of those reported in the media. In our tracking of news reports, we noticed an uptick in antisemitic incidents toward the end
May 1, 2019

Appendix B

LGBTQ Historical Figures The erasure of LGBTQ figures from our history books and classrooms does a disservice to students on three fronts: 1) It introduces bias into our studies, providing an incomplete and unfair
November 7, 2018

Being Jewish in a Christian World

While I share some aspects of my life with my students, one thing I don’t share is that I was born Jewish. I am ashamed of my shame, knowing that Jews, like many religious groups, have suffered because of their beliefs. My shame comes from growing up in a community that seemed to typify every negative stereotype about Jews. It also stems from being silent for years whenever someone made an anti-Semitic comment.
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