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Lisa Ann Williamson is associate editor at Teaching Tolerance. Before coming to SPLC, she worked as a multimedia journalist. Her jobs at newspapers in Iowa, Michigan and New York included covering crime, education, theater and religion stories. Williamson also taught college courses in journalism, literature and interpersonal communication. She graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University with a major in theater and earned her masters at the University of Iowa.

Articles by Lisa Ann


Nine visionaries who changed the way we think about education.

Suspension Reform Keeps Students in School

Schools across the country can reduce the number of suspensions and learn from a recent legal settlement in Mobile, Ala.

Fostering Allies

Students in foster care face constant transition. Educators can provide support and stability.

Dr. King Opened Doors for Historic Presidency

The confluence of President Obama’s second inauguration and MLK Day is a fitting legacy and inspiration to continue making changes.

No School Like Freedom School

Based on the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Schools, modern-day programs educate and empower students.
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