Chat & Chew 1.2

Grade Level
Essential Question
  • Week 1: In what ways are we in this together? In what ways are we not? What does community mean to you right now?
  • Week 2: What does being different feel like? How have you shown up for someone else who is different than you or seen someone else show up for someone who is different from them?
  • Week 3: Has your definition of community changed? How are you different from your community?
  • Week 4: How do you know what you need? How can you tell? Then what do you do?
  • Week 5: What concerns you today? How can you show up for yourself today, tomorrow and this weekend? How can your community show up for you? What will you do if it does? What will you do if it doesn't?
Teaching Strategies
Student Tasks
Plan Built By
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