Toolkit for 'Therapy of Lies'

This Teaching Tolerance story exposes the facts behind the pseudoscience known as conversion therapy—a practice that aims to change homosexuals “back” into heterosexuals. Organizations promoting the practice have sent flyers to schools for distribution to students.

As a sidebar to the story explains, Teaching Tolerance has put out its own flyer that exposes the truth about conversion therapy and offers resources to educators who want to offer an inclusive environment for all students. That flyer—Students: Know Your Rights—answers questions for both LGBT and straight students about their rights regarding privacy, proms and other school events, dress codes, censorship of their voices, gay-straight alliance clubs and conversion therapy.

Another flyer developed by Teaching Tolerance, Providing Safe and Supportive Environments for LGBT Youth, helps you understand how to counter the propaganda with the most powerful tool at your disposal—facts. This flyer explains the disturbing truth about "reparative" therapy and offers resources to those striving to provide an inclusive educational environment that supports all students—straight and LGBT alike.

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