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Women’s Suffrage

This lesson is the fourth in a series called Expanding Voting Rights. The overall goal of the series is for students to explore the complicated history of voting rights in the United States. Two characteristics of that history stand out: First, in fits and starts, more and more Americans have gained the right to vote. Second, over time, the federal government's role in securing these rights has expanded considerably.
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February 10, 2014
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Honor Trans Women This Women’s History Month

This Women’s History Month, as always, it’s important to recognize that women’s rights include trans rights. You can begin by introducing your students to some of the activists and changemakers who fought—and continue to fight—for equal rights for all women.

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Remember Trans Women on International Women’s Day!

Amid ongoing anti-trans legislation proposals, we urge you to acknowledge, uplift and teach about transgender women on this International Women’s Day—and throughout the year. This interview with transgender activist Hazel Edwards will help you reflect on ways to create a more inclusive environment for trans students. And displaying these One World posters featuring quotes by transgender women advocates will let your transgender students know you support them.

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Honoring Women's History

Happy Women's History Month! Women around the world are—and have been—at the forefront of campaigns for human rights and environmental justice. In this edition of The Moment, you'll find resources for teaching about women's leadership and contributions all year.

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