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Our searchable library of short texts offers a diverse mix of stories and perspectives. This multigenre, multimedia collection aligns with the Common Core's recommendations for text complexity and the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards.

Choose from informational and literary nonfiction texts, literature, photographs, political cartoons, interviews, infographics and more. You can also filter by text type, grade level, subject and topic.

“The leveled texts have really helped me engage students and introduce them to complex topics in a way they can understand.”

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McCarthy: Enemy of the Negro People (excerpt, p. 14)

This journal article excerpt describes how the House Un-American Activities Committee tried to undermine the Civil Rights Movement by targeting some activists as communistic sympathizers. Eslanda Goode Robeson used her testimony as a platform to speak out against American hypocrisy and injustice.
Charles Allen Jr.
Grade Level
Social Justice Domain
July 6, 2022
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