Helping students develop Empathy through critical discussion and listening

Grade Level
Essential Question
  • How do our differences unite us and make us stronger?
  • How do we become more empathetic to people we don't agree with?
  • What does critical discussion and listening look like?
  • What is the difference between fact and opinion?
  • How do I effectively research; what is a valid source and how do I spot bias?
  • How can I describe ways people are different from me?
  • Can words about identity hurt people?
  • Can words about identity hurt people?
  • How can I describe and compare my group identities with those of other people?
  • How can I ask people about their lives and experiences in a respectful, kind and understanding way?
  • How can I live, work and play with others when we have differences?
Teaching Strategies
Student Tasks
Plan Built By
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Welcome to Learning for Justice—Formerly Teaching Tolerance!

Our work has evolved in the last 30 years, from reducing prejudice to tackling systemic injustice. So we’ve chosen a new name that better reflects that evolution: Learning for Justice.

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