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Issue 64, Spring 2020

Cover of Teaching Tolerance magazine, issue 64, Spring 2020. Features an illustration of a young person reading while being illuminated by a yellow light, all the while surrounded by a scene from the book they're reading.

When it comes to presenting a full account of American experience, your average U.S. history or social studies textbook just isn’t cutting it. Stories about people of color and Indigenous peoples are often set outside the main narrative, literally pushed to margins or sidebars. But some social studies teachers are turning to an unusual source to re-center these histories: young readers’ editions of social justice books. Learn more about how educators are using this growing genre in this issue’s cover story, “The New YA.”

Read on for a look at why this year’s census is so crucial, how a group of Las Vegas moms is fighting hate in their school community, and how advocates are working to fix our broken school lunch system. Find these stories and more in the Spring 2020 issue of Teaching Tolerance, and be sure to subscribe so you never miss an issue.

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Teaching America’s Interwoven Histories

The shared history of African Americans and Indigenous Americans is rarely taught. TT talked to Professor Tiya Miles about why we can’t understand American history without it.

They Deserve Better

Mississippi students were inspired by local civil rights icon Fannie Lou Hamer to fight for justice in their community today.

Responding to Hate and Bias in the West

A Las Vegas school made headlines when hate shook its campus. Now a group of parents is fighting to ensure children learn in a safer and more equitable environment.

The New YA

Young readers’ editions can change the way we teach history.

Ending Curriculum Violence

Yes, curriculum can be violent—whether you intend it or not. Here’s what it looks like and how you can avoid it.



A Message From Our Managing Editor

In all the changes that have occurred in the last decade, one steady current is clear to TT Managing Editor Monita Bell: Our work is about doing right by all of our kids.
Down the Hall

I Live This Work

Katrice Quitter explains how small shifts in practice can have a big impact on school equity and inclusion.
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What We're Reading

Teaching Tolerance loves to read! Check out a few of our favorite books for diverse readers and educators.
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The America Project

When Carmen asks her mom what it means to be Puerto Rican and American, she learns a valuable lesson about identity and culture.
One World

Kay Ulanday Barrett

“We have to harvest and cultivate our own stories, not just to feel valid, but to feel rejoiced.”