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“Families Are Such an Asset”

In this interview, TT Award Winner Liz Kleinrock talks about the steps she takes at the beginning of the school year to connect with her students’ families and how she builds those relationships throughout the year.
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Responding to Immigrant Family Separations

We know zero-tolerance policies harm children in schools; they're harming them at our borders as well. In the wake of the Trump administration's 2018 policy on the imprisonment and separation of immigrant families, we hope you'll read and share these resources. Consider how you can support the children in your classroom—and beyond.

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Uplifting Immigrant Students and Families

Immigrant communities continue to strengthen our diverse democracy. Through community organizing, immigrant children and their families are finding ways to navigate difficult situations. In expanding democracy to ensure inclusivity, there is much that we can learn from these efforts and how we can all support immigrant communities and those harmed by discrimination and bias. These LFJ resources can help.

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In promoting diversity and fighting racism, inclusive education programs forged pathways toward building equitable societies. Now, as our nation confronts multiple assaults on democratic values, we hold firm in the fight to protect—and to expand—democracy through social justice education.

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